Choosing a Screen is not as easy as it seems?

Choosing a Screen is not as easy as it seems ?

We will not tire of saying that on most occasions we do not pay enough attention when it comes to equipping our bathroom when it is one of the spaces where we spend the most time during the day.

The same happens with one of those elements that are imprescidinbles in any bathroom: The shower enclosures any times we let ourselves be guided by a beautiful exterior or an affordable price, but in reality it is a product in which we have to investigate its characteristics and composition since it is crucial for safety in the bathroom.

That is why we have proposed to tell you about this product in depth, telling us the characteristics that a shower screen can have and establishing the pros and cons of each of them. In this way we hope to solve doubts and that from now on when you read the product file of any screen do not sound like Chinese.

It is important to know that there is currently a large variety of screens in the market in both models and prices, and therefore it is essential not to be guided only by the latter as in many cases import screens come from China where the quality is reduced of the materials in favor of the price. For this reason we will mention each and every one of the characteristics that you really have to take into account in your decision process.

Types of Screen

As we have mentioned before, there is a great variety of screens in the market. We could talk about them according to their shape, that is Angular, Frontal, Semicircular, Bath or Fixed Blade, but as we think it is something that is better understood we want to present the types of screens according to the shape of its opening:

Sliding Screens: The Sliding Screens have a horizontal opening that has both upper and lower guides. It has numerous options of doors. For example those that are composed of 3 doors usually move all of them and those with 4 leaves usually have two fixed and the two central sliding. Undoubtedly they are a very good option for shallow bathrooms where a door would take up a lot of space.









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